Custom made / Personalised Foundation for every Skin Tone! @ Cappucino, C.C. Cristamar - Local B-37 A, Puerto Banus / Marbella, Spain.













Do you use foundation and recognize this?

Too light, too dark, too yellow, too pink, insufficient or too much coverage, too dry, too fat, allergic reaction, no real testing facillities, little advice, no longer available....
All brands have a fixed collection of foundation colors / composition and you are lucky if you can find the right color and texture. And you are even more lucky if that brand keeps your product in collection......


EGO cosmetics got the solution.......Custom made!

Make-up designer Martin or Anne blend a personalised foundation in the right color and coverage for each customer, skin type and skin color. They work with various fluid texture bases for the different skin types.
Your unique formula will be kept in our files for future orders.

- We start with a short intake call by phone, whatsapp, mail or webcam;
- Together we plan an appointment of approximately 60-90 minutes in which we do a lot of blending and testing. Finally you decide what gives you the most beautyfull skin. Your product is ready to take away!


Euro 125, - including a airless pump bottle with your personalised foundation.

The makeup designer will contact you after a while to hear if everything is ok. If necessary, a new appointment will be made (free of charge).
Re-ordering your own formula can be done by phone or email. Costs euro 34.95 per bottle.
The product can be collected or dispatched (+ shippingcost).


Whatsapp for questions or an appointment: +31 (0) 6 467 222 34..



EGO cosmetics make-up labEGO cosmetics make-up labEGO cosmetics make-up labEGO cosmetics make-up lab

Custom made!
From a very light to a very dark foundation.
With a yellow, pink, blue or red undertone.